About us

Welcome to The Happiest Fitness Co!

Our dream is to bring a touch of magic and fun to your workout, because happiness and a healthy life go hand in hand!

As well as the most magical of workout wear, we'll be bringing you lots of virtual events and fitness fun!

Who are we?


Well, right now we are just me. Hi! I'm Lottie *waves*. I'm a serial dreamer and lover of fairytales, and I'm also somewhat addicted to my fitness journey, and thus, The Happiest Fitness Co was born! I'm also just a little bit creative, which is handy.

I use running as an excuse to go to Disney - I’ve been doing RunDisney events for 6 years now, and ran my first marathon in 2019. I love a good gym session, and I love sharing my love of fitness with others, but I’m also a firm believer in a healthy balance, and the importance of happiness in a healthy lifestyle.

Everything you see from The Happiest Fitness Co, unless otherwise stated, comes from me, and I promise you this: I love what I do!