Let's be Fitbit pals!

Posted by Lottie Martin on

Hey gang!

I may be late to the party, but happy 2017! Are you ready to make this your best year yet?

So I'm loving my new Fitbit Charge 2 - I bought it towards the end of last year to replace the Zip that accidentally went through the washing machine (more than once), and ever since I've been doing anything I can to hit my goals on a daily basis, and I'm up for any challenges that my friends throw at me!

And then it hit me - why not have some fun with you lovely lot?! If you're a Fitbit extraordinaire, let's be friends! I'll be setting challenges, and by taking part you can earn discounts, and maybe even free goodies from the store.. What do you think?

You can add me using our email address, thehappiestfitnessco@gmail.com, or drop us a message on Twitter and we'll add you!

Are you ready?

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